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Do you have relatives that you never knew about? Want to know where did your ancestors come from?
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Top 4 DNA Testing Services



Why We Like it

Ancestry DNA Test

Ancestry is the world's largest online family history resource, with more than 11 billion records and more than 47 million family trees

Check the family story in your DNA
Discover your ethnic mix
Identify people who share your DNA
Living DNA test

Living DNA’s ancestry test is the world’s most sophisticated on the market and was the first in the market to offer a DNA ancestry test

Check your ancestry through history
3 ancestry tests included
Family Tree DNA Testing

Family Tree DNA have the most comprehensive DNA database for genetic genealogists

Discover ethnic percentages and origins
Determine where your direct paternal ancestors came from
Get in contact with your closest genetic matches
DNA Testing

23andMe is one of the leading personal genetics company, with over than 10 years of experience and plenty of satisfied customers

Over 1M people worldwide in the database
Find where your DNA comes from around the world
Neanderthal percentage test
Find relatives who share DNA and ancestors

More About DNA Testing Kits Services

Want to trace your family roots? Want to know where did your ancestors come from?

Thanks to scientific breakthroughs and using cutting edge technology, you can quickly fill in your ancestry puzzle, and get a bigger picture of who you are and where is your ancestor's origin.

Using DNA testing kits made it easy and fast than ever before. With home DNA test (can be ordered online) you can easily check your genealogy DNA with a minimal effort and discover your family story.

Why should I use DNA testing kit?

Taking a simple DNA test can help you find your ethnic origin and discover your family history. Another common reason for taking DNA genealogy testing is building a family tree, and finding relatives or family connections you never knew about before.

Taking DNA genealogy test can provide you useful information about your ancestors, such as origin (that is hard to trace without DNA test due to name changes, immigration, and much more reasons).

 Sometimes a simple DNA test can even discover a chance of carrying hidden chronic disease or just finding a significant percentage of an ethnicity you didn’t know was there... pretty cool, isn’t it?

Grow your family tree. It’s so important for children and future generations to know more about their heritage and a simple test will allow you to fill in the gaps and expand your family tree. This is truly a timeless gift to give to your loved ones.

About Genealogical DNA Test Kit procedure

The DNA testing kits can be easily ordered online, with relatively low prices. The test can be taken at home within just a few minutes. Most tests are made either by a cheek swab or saliva test, which are easy to take.

After taking the DNA test, all you have to do is send the test kit back to the company’s labs (shipping costs are usually included) and wait to get back the results... So what are waiting for?



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